Sunday, 10 May 2009

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Owning Affordable Fashion Jewelry
Gilvandia Studio's Collection
By: Fran Del Sordo

Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry presents an affordable fashion jewelry alternative to those that own some of the higher priced fine jewelry selections. This fashion accent jewelry category does not hinder the wearer from owning fashion accessories that are made of fine metals and adorned with jewels but offer stylish accents that are lower priced and seem just as nice but would not present much of a problem if they were lost.

The Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry choices come from fashion designers who have a pulse on the latest fashion trends. These choices are considered safe for wear by all ages without fear of breakage or loss of money from a financial investment. Gilvandia Studio costume fashion jewrly accessories can be quite playful to wear but are also realistically constructed to meet exact specifications.

Most people that prefer to wear these fashion accessories think that they are very trendy fashion accessories that offer a lot of wearable opportunities. People can use the Gilvandia Studio costume jewrly to see how a particular choker looks on the neck and get accustomed to the weight of it before they invest more monies in the real thing made of much more expensive metals of gold or silver.

Gilvandia Studio costume jewerly materials vary from the finest precious metals such as 14K gold and sterling silver to low-grade plastics. The ornamental stones used in these alternative jewrly selections can be fashioned from semi-precious stones or ornamental beads of crystal, glass, stone or plastics with some styles considered to be vintage collectibles.

The Gilvandia Studio costume jewrly choices can range from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to fashion wear accents such as brooches, pendants and charms. This fashion jewelry medium can serve as a substitute for higher priced jewelry items or stand on its own as a fashion accessory that is loved by people around the world because of its affordability.

Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry pieces can be used to introduce young children to fashion accessories that can be worn on all parts of the body. The children will be thrilled to own any piece of costume jewelry because the pieces are beautiful to look at. These fashion jewrly styles can be appreciated and valued when received as gifts on the same scale that high-end fashion jewelry is. These fashion accessory items are used in the experimental stage of life and can be lots of fun.

The Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry collection can be treasured for years by anyone. Special jewelry pieces and designs can be assigned for use on special occasions only to make them very special body adornments. People give these great trinkets as gifts and some fashion accessories such as hair ornaments and hair pins can boost morale when worn and serve as special awards when a child does something nice.

So, if you want a hot celebrity look...........check out Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry collection!

Fran Del Sordo ........
is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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Fashion Watches
The New Fashion Statement

Watches are used by people of all ages and backgrounds to make sure they get to where they are going on time. Well, most people anyway! I have a couple of friends who happen to be late even when they have a watch. People of all ages use watches, even smaller children.

We live in a very fast paced society, and it is common for each of us to need to keep track of the time. Most of us have jobs, children to pick up, dinner to make, errands, to run, etc. Having a watch can really help with keeping a person on schedule.

Watches can be digital so it is easier for younger people to read the time. Some watches features the hour and minute only while others feature a second hand as well. Watches have really evolved with the times. There are watches that do much more than tell time. Some of them have a light on them so you can see your keyhole in the dark. Others feature an alarm in the case of a medical emergency or if you feel you are in danger.

I have even see watches that are voice activated and tell the time. While these were initially designed for those with vision impairments, they quickly became a very popular item on the market.

A watch is a given symbol for time – not just for telling the time, but often to represent time. Many businesses show their employees who have reached a milestone anniversary or who are retiring their appreciation by presenting them with a company watch.

Giving a man or woman a watch as a give represents the time you have spent together as well as the time you will spend together in the future. You really can’t go wrong with giving someone a watch as we all need to be able to keep track of the time. You may have a tough time though deciding on the style of watch to give them. The market offers you many great options.


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Trends In Grand Luxury
Celebrity And Streetwear Fashion

When it comes to keeping up with the styles of Paris Hilton or Amanda Bynes, is it ever possible to remember what they're wearing from one day to the next?

Celebrity fashions and streetwear by Gilvandia Studio is a whole market altogether for jewelry lines and accessories, and there are plenty of decisions to make if you intend to keep up with what's hot and what's not. For example, some trends that were new and popular in 2007 include the smaller suits designed by Thom Browne, as well as the high-low collaborations that were made popular in Gap's clothing line shirts.

Some of the celebrity and streetwear fashion and clothing lines that are now just beginning to take hold, though, include such things as bamboo clothing in women and men's fashions, as well as Asian streetwear and urban clothing. Granted, urban clothing styles have been popular for the past couple of years with young men and older teenagers being the main target market for those designs.

The style continues to thrive amidst the conjecture that urban retailers are struggling to keep up with trends and styles throughout the fashion world.

New "Green" Trends: As mentioned, though, bamboo clothing styles is a popular phenomenon that has taken hold recently. With all the discussion of going "green" and treating the environment better, companies and clothing lines such as United Bamboo and Jonano are coming out with the latest clothing fashion designs that are popularized and endorsed by all sorts of celebrities.

Everyday Celebrity Streetwear: Let's not forget about the everyday streetwear that can be seen on celebrities as well. For example, Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake were donning Von Dutch hats that popularized that trend. Even though the hat trend has cooled in recent months, popular celebrity endorsements are all too important for many designers.

Consider Smet and even Crystal Rock, both of which are two brands one for teenage guys and one for teenage girls, respectively of very popular celebrity streetwear that can be seen on many influential celebrities throughout Hollywood, including Britney Spears, Shane Sparks, Madonna, and even Sylvester Stallone.

Whether you're looking to buy some of the very best in streetwear fashions or you're just trying to keep up with the latest crazes in clothing lines, there are all sorts of ways to get suggestions of what's popular. But for 2008, some of the latest and popular fashions in streetwear and accessories include full-length skirts and dresses for women's fashions, edgy floral patterns in clothing (more recently worn by Jennifer Connelly), and even sheer and lingerie-inspired tops.

All in all, nobody has to look too far if they're unsure about the latest and popular streetwear and clothing fashions to wear. Whether it's the bamboo clothing or baby products that are on the market or the new 2008 fashion trends like the skull-and-dagger tattoo-themed shirts and designs made by Christian Audigier, there is definitely enough style to go around that will fit anyone's lifestyle and choice!

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Men's Fashion Jewelry
The Latest from Gilvandia Studio
By: Fran Del Sordo

Perhaps, all of us are familiar with the scene in a play wherein a husband would give his wife a piece of precious jewelry. Then she opens the box with much enthusiasm and excitement. The wife would then have a jaw drop as she looks into the box. She receives a black leather choker from her very loving husband with silver studs around, which looks like a dog collar. Such is just an example of a tragic-comedy story that we are often familiar with related to stories of necklaces. More stories could be related to necklaces like the emergence of its use among men. Along the years, men's accessories are not anymore confined to just neckties. Today, men are also capable of wearing bracelets as fashion accessories. You just have to be observant, and notice that many men today are fond of wearing bracelets as part of their get-up......The newest trend being Winston Street by Gilvandia Studio.

There are a lot of variations in Winston Street by Gilvandia Studio that we can see today. Men have beaded bracelets from Winston Street by Gilvandia Studio, perhaps for the spiritually leaning man. Likewise, there are chunky gold bracelets from Winston Street by Gilvandia Studio for men who are younger and bolder. For sophisticated men, meanwhile, we see them with the classic Winston Street silver bracelets that spell maturity and elegance. Whatever kind of bracelet a man wears, it surely adds to the fashion get-up of a person. Also, the male race seems to get more pride out of these bracelets.

The progress and growth in the field of bracelets as fine jewelers has indeed satisfied men's interest toward jewelry. Jeweler companies like Gilvandia Studio. have actually expanded the traditional cufflink and watch collection to add a range of men's line of jewelers like pendants, necklaces, bracelets, and rings. In addition, Winston Street has also managed to design some masculine jewelry styles in steel, titanium, and silver.

In a poll conducted in the United States, at least 75 percent of the surveyed men enjoy wearing fashion jewelry as their accessories while 80 percent of the surveyed women stated that they find it sexy when men wear jewelry. Indeed, today's generation of males have become more conscious on their fashion statement and over-all get-up. In recent years, it seems that Gilvandia Studio bracelets are an accessory that would complete a man's looks.

Also, we have observed more and more male television personalities who succumb to wearing Gilvandia Studio designs which are seen as attractive by some of the viewers.

The traditional notion that bracelets are just for women is totally gone. Because today, gender is not an issue when it comes to accessories and ornaments. What is important is that the person who wears Gilvandia Studio carry it with great confidence and pride. Most of the times, accessories like Gilvandia Studio's Winston Street bracelets are an added accent for a person to appear more pleasing in the eyes of the public.

We may never know the future trends that might emerge in the industry of fashion bracelets worn by men. But one thing is for sure, Gilvandia Studio's Winston Street bracelets play a great role in improving the posture of men.

Fran Del Sordo ...
is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of

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Retro Fashion For Women
Submitted By: Rebecca Stevenson

There are many things that you need to consider if you love retro styles with your wardrobe. You have to be careful today when you practice wearing clothing that is retro. The things you need to consider is the style, how they look on you, what is popular, and more. Considering these things can help you make a better decision on the style and fashion you choose to wear.

Retro is back for the most part. Many styles like bell bottoms have tapered down a bit and not the pants are known as boot cut but they still have a small bell shape to them. The larger bell bottoms are out just as fast as they came back. It is very important to know what is in style and what types of things actually remain in style. When you wear things like skinny jeans and you are skinny you can be sure this retro look will remain in fashion if they look good on you. The retro styles are considered to be in the 1030s and the 1940s. Many of the things that you should wear from then include the leggings and cropped jackets. However, keep in mind that retro seems to pop in and out of fashion all of the time. This means that if the retro pieces that you own are out of style now it doesn’t mean that they won’t be back later so don’t get rid of them.

Another thing to consider when you want to go with the retro look is if the items look good on you. Just because you found something that looks super cute and you bought the outfit with coupons so you got a really great deal doesn’t mean that it will look good on you. Be sure that the outfit looks good on you and matches your body type. Don’t wear anything that looks funny with the shape and contours of your body.

Retro styles are often found in consignment stores and thrift shops and you can get a really good deal on some great clothing. If you are tight on a budget keep this in mind. You don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for clothing when you can get some amazing garments in the thrift shops. Some retro clothing looks even better worn a little bit and not so new. If you aren’t sure what you are looking for or what will have the look then go through a few magazines and take a few photos of styles you are looking for with you when you go shopping. This will help you find items that are best.

The retro look is a lot of fun and will get you many compliments. There are many things that you need to consider when you are trying to achieve a retro look which includes the type of clothing you are buying and if it is still in style. Be sure to wear things that fit you well and accentuate your body the way they should. Also, you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a new wardrobe when you can find things at thrift stores for cheap.

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The IN Jewelry!
By: Fran Del Sordo

When the term ‘fashion jewelry’ is applied to Gilvandia Studio Jewelry , it is important to remember that the keyword here is ‘Gilvandia Studio Fashion’ and that in itself should be able to tell you about the kind of stunning jewelry that we are talking about. Like clothes,Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry too changes with the season. If you are someone who tires easily then this type of jewelry is perfect for you. Here’s a look at what you can expect in trends of Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry this season:

The Look

The ‘Bling’ thing

Glitter is definitely in. The more the better! Sparkling Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry is really hot this season. Gilvandia Studio earrings, necklaces, bracelets on both hands are definitely a must have. Wearing these goes a long way in completing the girly look. The one good thing about glittering Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry is that if worn properly it can also pass of as classy jewelry with a formal outfit without looking too loud or outlandish.

The stone story

Stones have always been an integral part of Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry. Artificial, colored and semi precious stones is what gives Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry most of their charm. Artificial stones are available in almost any color to match your outfits and moods. Stones like zircons and semi precious stones like jade and turquoise give Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry an air of timeless elegance and class. Rhinestones are also making a comeback and are excellent to complete that girlie look.

Timeless classics

While jewelry comes and goes with the wind, there are some timeless Gilvandia Studio classics that will never ever go out of style. It would do you good to have these as part of your collection. It is probably as integral a part of your wardrobe as a little and long black dress is. Gilvandia Studio single stone earrings and pendants are always a good thing to have.

Zircons, red and green stones make for wise buys. Pearls, both black and white are also a must have. Gilvandia Studio single stand pearl necklaces and earrings will never ever go out of style and what’s more? They can be teamed with almost anything you wear. Gilvandia Studio pearls might not be sparkly like the other stones, but it can do wonders for a subtle, chic and classy look.

The best part about Gilvandia Studio fashion jewelry is that you never need to throw things away. Just recycle. Put away the jewelry from last season – it’s sure to make a comeback sometime soon. Having said all of this, if what you have read doesn’t appeal to you, then there’s not need to sweat it, it’ll soon be out of fashion. Who knows the fashion trends next season might bend in your favor.

Fran Del Sordo
is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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What Is Your Fashion Style?

What Is Your Fashion Style?
Guest Blogger: Kenia Morales

When it comes to clothing do you usually stick to one particular style or should you be called a fashion scientist due to the tremendous amount of attention you pay to trends. It can also be possible that you are not aware of your personal style. Whether you are aware of your style or not read this guide to learn a little bit more about it and what changes you can make (if desire).

1. Sexy Lexis- Lexis is all about wearing clothes that reveal skin such as cleavage and fit extra tight. She may feel that conservative or unrevealing clothing are only for older people. Lexis might need to learn when to tone down her sexy image. For example: She should avoid walking in to church wearing a blouse with a plunging neckline. Unless, she is ready to receive a few dirty looks.

2. Care-Lesley- She wonders: What is Fashion? Can I eat with cheese? She really does not know what the latest trend is and frankly can care less. Lesley should try something new once in a while just for fun and avoid getting stuck on a specific style.

3. Rebellious Chica-She makes her own rules when it comes to fashion. Avoids to all extends looking like everyone else. Just like sexy lexis some circumstances will require toning down her personal style. On a job interview she should conform to the expected attire standards. At least until she lands the job.

4. Fashion Diva-Her middle name is style. Always on top of her image and hates to be seen more than once wearing an outfit. Keeping up with fashion trends can get quite expensive. She needs to watch her finances closely in order to avoid overspending.

5. Sporty Lady- She loves her jeans and sneakers and will not go anywhere with out them. She should play dress up once in a while. This will help her look and feel better, even if the changes are temporary.

6. Comfy Carmen-Carmen is all about comfort. She chooses her attire based on the way it feels. She should steer away from bulky looking shoes that will make her feet look wider or bigger and clothing that fit too loosely. Clothes that are too big will make anyone look heavier and older.

7. Elegant Elenin- Elenin is always dress to impress. She will not allow anyone to see her dressed down. However, it will be beneficial for her to loosen up or dress comfortably once in a while. People can not look perfect all the time.

8. Stuck in time- This type of person does not remember the last time she bought a piece of clothing. She will not stop wearing her clothes until it has a hole in it. She should avoid using the same clothing for too many years until it comes back in style (20 years later).

9. Balanced Brianna- She probably has one of the other personal styles mentioned in this guide but, understands clearly the certain situations require she dresses up or down. She will not be hesitant to try a new style as long as it does not make her look like a fool.

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Fashion Jewelry.......haute couture ?

With It Or Against It

Fashion is a very wide concept.
Everybody knows that the haute couture is an enormous industry, the depository of fantasy and ideas. It is like a big anthill in which every labourer has her/is individual task to perform in order to put the designer’s creative ideas into practice. Traditionally, all this havoc ends up in the spotlight of a podium, the length of which is gracefully walked up and down by an array of selected models. At the end of the fashion show we applaud the designer who, more than anyone else, belongs to the circle of the selected few. Not everyone can join in, although the selection process is not always based on talent. This flashy glamorous world is accessible to a certain category of women. Not belonging to this category does not necessarily mean that we cannot and should not be elegant, charming and stylish!

Fashion, just like nature, cynically changes – one style takes over another and trends that have not caught up, sink into oblivion. People of fashion claim that fashion just like history, repeats itself. However, every time it does repeat itself, it brings along something new. This is the world in which we all not only wish, but also have to find our own place. Therefore, fashion gives us a choice and we make our pick.

Those who used to make clothes for dolls when they were little girls will quickly find their way in the labyrinths of fashion as they know what being creative about what we wear is. It is important to use high quality, natural materials. If that is beyond our price range, we can still look for quality clothes made of linen, silk and mohair. This is how you’ll develop a dressing culture of your own. An original piece of clothing together with a stylish handbag and quality shoes will suit you well no matter your height, weight and age. The key is to make sure that your clothes are comfortable and reflect your personality, which proves once again that a good item will make anyone look good.

Fran Del Sordo is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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Geneve Wentworth Jewelry

The Pure and Concentrated Essence of Diamonds

Geneve Wentworth jewelry have now added bracelets to their stunning range of diamond jewelry. These bracelets combine both contemporary designs, fiery diamonds, engraving, and the famous Geneve Wentworth settings to produce a stunning array of beautiful diamond bracelets.

Geneve Wentworth bracelets are custom jewelry bracelets at their finest. Designs range from ultra-modern large link bracelets to finer and more delicate bracelets interspersed with beautifully set diamonds.

The Geneve Wentworth diamond bracelet is a beautiful example of hand crafting. This delicate looking bracelet has fine links that have been hand worked to give the appearance of milgrain, then alternated with a worked circular link that contains a diamond set in an engraved setting. This extremely elegant bracelet is timeless in its apparent simplicity. The hand working on the links adds to the overall beauty of the piece. This particular Geneve Wentworth bracelet can be worn solo or accessorized with a watch. These bracelets are available with a varying number of diamonds in a range of sizes to accommodate varying budgets.

The Geneve Wentworth link bracelet features pave set diamonds on each over sized circular link. This bracelet has 100 diamonds in total with a carat weight of 100 points, pave set in a crescent silhouette setting. The back of each link, and the smaller joining links have been beautifully carved to add to the overall beauty of the piece. This bracelet looks absolutely stunning in the white gold, but is also available in platinum for the ultimate in hard wearing luxury. For the woman who wants to customize her bracelet with other colored metals. This large link pave set diamond bracelet combines contemporary diamond fashion jewelry with the craftsmanship one associates with Geneve Wentworth handcrafted jewelry.

Geneve Wentworth bracelets are available in a wide range of styles to suit even the most discerning woman. Chunky contemporary through to unbelievably delicate, there is a handcrafted diamond bracelet for everyone and every occasion. Geneve Wentworth bracelets are the perfect accompaniment to a Geneve Wentworth accessories.

Fran Del Sordo is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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A Good Alternative For The Real Diamonds?

Zenith Faux Diamonds
A Good Alternative For The Real Diamonds?

There are plenty of offers of jewelry that has Zenith faux diamonds instead of real diamonds. This may cause you to wonder if you are being ripped off, and what the differences are between real diamonds and artificial ones.

Real diamonds are mined, whereas Zenith faux diamonds are made in a lab. The main difference is in pricing, real diamonds are extremely high priced, supposedly due to scarcity although diamond mining companies have been accused of exaggerating the actual scarcity of diamonds in order to boost their profits. Whether or not this is true, the fact remains that Zenith faux diamonds are significantly cheaper than real diamonds.

If you do not have the money needed to invest in jewelry with real diamonds, Zenith faux diamonds can be a great choice. Although you will know the difference, you may not see the difference, depending on the quality of the Zenith faux diamond you choose. ManyZenith faux diamonds are very similar in appearance to real diamonds and most people cannot see the difference without training and/or proper testing equipment.

Many people buy Zenith faux diamonds because they do not wish to sponsor “blood diamonds” and child laborers that are often involved in harvesting diamonds. Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off after paying a large sum only to find you bought an artificial diamond for the price of the real thing. When buying Zenith faux diamond, you got exactly what you bargained for.

When shopping for Zenith faux diamonds, take a look at both real diamonds and artificial ones, make a comparison yourself. Chances are that without orientation, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a well made Zenith faux diamond and a real one.

One way to tell the difference between high quality Zenith faux diamonds and those of less quality is by analyzing the jewelry involved. Low quality jewelry will usually be fitted with low quality artificial diamonds, whereas high quality Zenith faux jewelry, usually made of gold and boasting fine workmanship, will generally be fitted with the finest Zenith faux diamonds available. Depending on who you are buying the jewelry for, a lower quality artificial diamond may be okay, but if it is meant to be a special gift, you will want to invest a little more and buy jewelry with high quality Zenith faux diamonds. Just because the Zenith faux diamonds are not the real thing, does not mean they are cheap jewelry, Zenith faux diamond jewelry is far cheaper than jewelry with real diamonds, but it is still considered quality jewelry and prices can be reasonably high.

Fran Del Sordo is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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Zenith Faux Diamonds

Zenith Faux Diamonds
Do You Love Faux Diamond Jewelry?
By Fran Del Sordo

Affordable: Once someone discovers Zenith faux diamonds, it is inconceivable why they would not want everlasting elegance, saving thousands, or tens of thousands of dollars in the process, banking the difference. It is a fact that jewelry lovers are not acting out of charity when they buy diamond jewelry—endeavoring to make jewelers, mined diamond dealers, and the diamond cartel richer than they already are.

No way to tell the difference with the naked eye: Scientists have synthesized and created diamond alternatives that are so ostensibly close to a mined diamonds that even certified gemologists require scientific testing equipment to tell the difference. Breakthrough advances have made the latest Zenith faux diamonds closely mimic the properties of mined diamonds. They cut glass, they refract light into perfect hearts-and-arrows, and they have superlative fire and brilliance. In fact, in almost all measurable variations, they match or are superior to mined diamonds.

No pricing gymnastics: A common practice in retailing mined diamond jewelry is to use phantom prices and then show impressive discounts in an effort to lure buyers. This practice is called phantom pricing. With lab-created Zenith diamonds this deception is not possible because the prices are low to begin with, leaving no room to use phantom pricing.

No reason to constantly police your synthetic Zenith diamond jewelry: Do you forever want worry that you will lose expensive Zenith jewelry pieces, damage them, or have them stolen? Do you want to feel compelled to buy a home safe? When you travel, do you want to be burdened with frequently thinking about the security of your jewelry? With Zenith imitation diamonds all these concerns disappear.

No need to buy insurance: In a short time, what you’d pay in extra premiums to insure just a few pieces of mined diamond jewelry, you could fill your jewelry box with synthetic Zenith diamonds. But that is not the worst of it. Insurance is an ongoing never-ending expense.

No secret mined diamond dirty tricks and scams: All mined diamonds have flaws, birthmarks, and vary in quality. These realities are a breeding ground for a buffet mined diamond fraud that victimizes and robs consumers. From grade bumping to laser drilling to fracture filling, the mined diamond industry is awash in unscrupulous business practices. Lab-created Zenith diamonds are uniform, flawless, and priced low so frauds simply do not exist.

Prestige: While there is no prestige in overpaying, there is tremendous prestige in enhancing your existing wardrobe with beautiful man made Zenith diamonds on a budget. You can accessorize and glamorize till your heart’s content, with a smile on your face, showing you are a person of stature at any occasion or event.

Fran Del Sordo is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.
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