Sunday, 10 May 2009

Owning Affordable Fashion Jewelry
Gilvandia Studio's Collection
By: Fran Del Sordo

Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry presents an affordable fashion jewelry alternative to those that own some of the higher priced fine jewelry selections. This fashion accent jewelry category does not hinder the wearer from owning fashion accessories that are made of fine metals and adorned with jewels but offer stylish accents that are lower priced and seem just as nice but would not present much of a problem if they were lost.

The Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry choices come from fashion designers who have a pulse on the latest fashion trends. These choices are considered safe for wear by all ages without fear of breakage or loss of money from a financial investment. Gilvandia Studio costume fashion jewrly accessories can be quite playful to wear but are also realistically constructed to meet exact specifications.

Most people that prefer to wear these fashion accessories think that they are very trendy fashion accessories that offer a lot of wearable opportunities. People can use the Gilvandia Studio costume jewrly to see how a particular choker looks on the neck and get accustomed to the weight of it before they invest more monies in the real thing made of much more expensive metals of gold or silver.

Gilvandia Studio costume jewerly materials vary from the finest precious metals such as 14K gold and sterling silver to low-grade plastics. The ornamental stones used in these alternative jewrly selections can be fashioned from semi-precious stones or ornamental beads of crystal, glass, stone or plastics with some styles considered to be vintage collectibles.

The Gilvandia Studio costume jewrly choices can range from earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to fashion wear accents such as brooches, pendants and charms. This fashion jewelry medium can serve as a substitute for higher priced jewelry items or stand on its own as a fashion accessory that is loved by people around the world because of its affordability.

Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry pieces can be used to introduce young children to fashion accessories that can be worn on all parts of the body. The children will be thrilled to own any piece of costume jewelry because the pieces are beautiful to look at. These fashion jewrly styles can be appreciated and valued when received as gifts on the same scale that high-end fashion jewelry is. These fashion accessory items are used in the experimental stage of life and can be lots of fun.

The Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry collection can be treasured for years by anyone. Special jewelry pieces and designs can be assigned for use on special occasions only to make them very special body adornments. People give these great trinkets as gifts and some fashion accessories such as hair ornaments and hair pins can boost morale when worn and serve as special awards when a child does something nice.

So, if you want a hot celebrity look...........check out Gilvandia Studio costume jewelry collection!

Fran Del Sordo ........
is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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