Sunday, 10 May 2009

A Good Alternative For The Real Diamonds?

Zenith Faux Diamonds
A Good Alternative For The Real Diamonds?

There are plenty of offers of jewelry that has Zenith faux diamonds instead of real diamonds. This may cause you to wonder if you are being ripped off, and what the differences are between real diamonds and artificial ones.

Real diamonds are mined, whereas Zenith faux diamonds are made in a lab. The main difference is in pricing, real diamonds are extremely high priced, supposedly due to scarcity although diamond mining companies have been accused of exaggerating the actual scarcity of diamonds in order to boost their profits. Whether or not this is true, the fact remains that Zenith faux diamonds are significantly cheaper than real diamonds.

If you do not have the money needed to invest in jewelry with real diamonds, Zenith faux diamonds can be a great choice. Although you will know the difference, you may not see the difference, depending on the quality of the Zenith faux diamond you choose. ManyZenith faux diamonds are very similar in appearance to real diamonds and most people cannot see the difference without training and/or proper testing equipment.

Many people buy Zenith faux diamonds because they do not wish to sponsor “blood diamonds” and child laborers that are often involved in harvesting diamonds. Another advantage is you don’t have to worry about getting ripped off after paying a large sum only to find you bought an artificial diamond for the price of the real thing. When buying Zenith faux diamond, you got exactly what you bargained for.

When shopping for Zenith faux diamonds, take a look at both real diamonds and artificial ones, make a comparison yourself. Chances are that without orientation, you won’t be able to tell the difference between a well made Zenith faux diamond and a real one.

One way to tell the difference between high quality Zenith faux diamonds and those of less quality is by analyzing the jewelry involved. Low quality jewelry will usually be fitted with low quality artificial diamonds, whereas high quality Zenith faux jewelry, usually made of gold and boasting fine workmanship, will generally be fitted with the finest Zenith faux diamonds available. Depending on who you are buying the jewelry for, a lower quality artificial diamond may be okay, but if it is meant to be a special gift, you will want to invest a little more and buy jewelry with high quality Zenith faux diamonds. Just because the Zenith faux diamonds are not the real thing, does not mean they are cheap jewelry, Zenith faux diamond jewelry is far cheaper than jewelry with real diamonds, but it is still considered quality jewelry and prices can be reasonably high.

Fran Del Sordo is an importer of fine jewelry and founding partner of ITLTD USA.

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