Thursday, 30 April 2009

2009 Spring Fashion Trends
Guest Author – Gilvandia Bahia

Big, bold, layered, and natural, fashion trends in jewelry this spring and summer offer us an exciting variety of looks to choose from. Whether you like making a bold statement with your jewelry or take a slightly more subtle approach when it comes to accessorizing, there really is something for everyone in 2009.

Inspired by nature and people's love of nature, Spring and Summer 2009 jewelry collections embrace not only authentic wood and other organic materials and semi-precious and/or organic gemstones like jade, coral, and turquoise but also include man-made pieces that perfectly mimic natural elements like tortoise shell, snakeskin, shell, ivory, and wood. Nature-inspired jewelry celebrates nature's natural tones and strong organic feel with necklaces, bracelets, wrist cuffs, pendants, hoops, and button earrings trimmed with either natural or man-made materials.

Calfskin is used extensively, either fur-side or leather, and combined with precious metals of gold and silver. Gold is especially important this year and several collections showcase chunky gold rings and bracelets that make a very dramatic statement. Large link necklaces and bracelets work like crazy, as do other natural materials combined with gold. Long necklaces, in the 18 to 26 inch length are worn straight or add layers. Wear double, triple, or even quadruple your strands for the most drama.

If you like the more subtle vs. bold look, think about fine chain necklaces but embellish with faux turquoise pendants or consider wood beads that are natural and very trendy right now but relatively subtle. Think bangles when you are working on a look that requires balance between bold and subtle. These important fashion accessories are perfect in gold or silver, and try some of the new fresh hand-painted wood bangles. Thick or thin, single or layered, you can accent any outfit beautifully with bangles. A particularly hot trend is wooden bangles, wide or thin, often teak colored or decorated with metal studs or painted with wild animal patterns like leopard and zebra or fashioned from bamboo in natural tones or dyed a darker brown. And patterned enamel and cloisonné bangles are so lovely with their floral motifs in vibrant shades of turquoise, ivory, coral, rose, and jade green.

Look also for natural elements like tusk or horn for pendants. Charms on either necklaces or bracelets are typically alive with flora and fauna like bees, butterflies, flowers, fruit, or birds—very forties yet fresh and reflective of the green movement of today.

In stark contrast to the natural trends in jewelry this season, another trend sees man-made glass, rhinestones, and Swarovski crystals and pearls very trendy and popular. Even plastic has a niche carved out in fashion this year. These interesting accent pieces feature stripes, polka dots, and other wild patterns that look amazing with your black and white summer outfits. This eighties-inspired jolt of excitement and glitter also harks back in time to the glamour of the forties. And while you're thinking glitter and glam, check out the magnificent sparkly dinner rings and other drop-dead gorgeous jewelry at The Gilvandia Studio Collection brought to you by Glamour and Company

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