Thursday, 30 April 2009

Celebrity Glamour Jewelry
Guest Author – Fran Del Sordo

Now that the Oscars have come and gone for another year, the memory lingers of beautiful movie stars decked out in dazzling jewels, sashaying down the Red Carpet, bathed in the brilliant glow of hundreds of cameras flashing, and their fan’s adoration. If you love the larger than life jewelry looks that movie stars and other celebrities wear at the Oscars, but don’t have thousands to spend on your bijoux, you may enjoy a visit to Glamour and Company. Their
Celebrity Collection is designed to replicate the exciting looks worn at the biggest event of the year. From trendy chandelier earrings to multi-carat CZ stone necklaces to colorful cocktail rings, if you saw it on the Oscars, you can afford it from Gilvandia Studio's Vandia Hill where you will find lots of fine and faux jewelry.

The Gilvandia’s “Vandia Hill” line of jewelry utilizes rhodium plating to provide protection for sterling silver and white gold jewelry to help prevent tarnish and scratches. Rhodium also adds beauty and is an affordable way to capture the look of platinum. The pieces at Glamour and Company are also E-coated, also known as electro-coating or electro deposition. This method uses electrical current to coat a metal surface with an organic lacquer, covering every nook and cranny on the jewelry with an even and consistent protective coat. The finished product is not quite as shiny as the rhodium-plated pieces, but lets the natural beauty of the sterling silver come through without fear of damage.

Glamour and Company also offers nickel-free jewelry for those of you (approximately 15% of the population) who experience allergic reactions to nickel. Symptoms range from itching and redness to blisters or rashes at the point of contact. It is the metallic salts that are created when nickel comes into contact with perspiration that causes this reaction.

Gilvandia’s Vandia Hill uses Paramount Cubic Zirconias for their jewelry. These Paramount CZ’s offer perfect color and clarity and are cut to ideal proportions to achieve maximum brilliance and fire. A deviation of only a single degree when cutting stones results in a dramatic loss of light and Paramount Cubic Zirconias have developed a cutting technology that results in an eight-point star pattern known as “hearts and arrows” in the diamond industry. This cut achieves maximum brilliance and dispersion.

Although dramatic jewelry isn't for everyone, if you would like to have a little Celebrity Jewelry for yourself, Gilvandia’s Vandia Hill is one option you may like to investigate.

The Gilvandia Studio's Vandia Hill Collection is now brought to you by Glamour and Company.

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