Thursday, 30 April 2009

Jewelry 101
Ten Jewels to Own
By :Fran Del Sordo

Few purchases in life are meant to actually last a lifetime or beyond.
Fine jewelry, however, is meant to be worn, enjoyed and treasured for years to come. So just how should a woman go about building the perfect jewelry wardrobe? Many turn to the The Gemological Institute of America (GIA) to guide them through the "bauble basics.” After all, the organization is one of the most trusted names in diamond grading and gemstone identification. Here are some tips on how to choose pieces which are both stunning and precious.

Earrings and More Earrings

Diamond Studs: Most jewelry buyers can afford diamond studs – especially since beautiful, quality stones are available in a range of prices and sizes, from discreet little pin dots to three-carat headlights. Diamond studs are classics which can go from casual to classy instantly.

Gold Hoops: Hoops are always attractive and appropriate. And, gold hoop choices are endless – from tiny, classic loops to three-inch hoops. This popular earring style also comes in everything from high polish to hammered satin, and a range of colors, including white, yellow or rose gold.

Pearls on a wire: Grace Kelly elegance meets the soft glow of a dangling pearl! Pearls on a wire transform the classic pearl into a slightly more contemporary look.

Long drops: Drop earrings are flirty and fluid – gliding with the wearer's every move. Choose drops that are not shorter than two inches from the lobe. Enjoy a variety of gem choices from white topaz briolettes to black onyx beads and a rainbow of gems in between!

Chandeliers: These earrings offer a dramatic entrance for those occasions when a lady wants all eyes on her. For a truly exotic look, consider tumbled and carved emeralds, rubies and mogul-cut diamonds intricately twined with burnished gold wires and dripping from concentric crescents.


Pendants: Pendants should serve as the foundation of the necklace collection. Whether a single stone on a delicate chain or a four-inch Gothic inspired cross set with agate and carnelian on a long rope, the pendant possibilities are endless. Pendants are ideal for expressing oneself with a lopsided heart or spiritual charm, or showcase a collection of vintage good luck talismans of precious stone.

Pearls: Think a corporate-climbing gal in a crisp black business suit or the unforgettable bride in her frothy wedding gown…pearls are an investment that will take a woman through countless moments in her life with elegance and ease. Add one at a time to commemorate special occasions or choose a luxurious rope for a real show stopper.


Bangles: Bangles have been around forever. Stacked or worn alone, skinny or wide, a woman cannot go wrong in bangles. For real glitz, think micro pave pink sapphires in pink gold or oxidized brown-gold tubes studded with cognac diamonds.

Charms: Nothing spells beauty and confidence - and a hint of the sentimental, like charms. Today's options are endless – from one remarkable medallion hanging from an open link, to a row of birthstones marking the significant people in one's life. Charm bracelets have been a favored jewelry item of women for centuries.

Signature Ring

This one might be best chosen personally by the wearer. Choose bold and make a statement. Consider a cushion-cut citrine or cabochon green tourmaline the size of a quail's egg. For a truly dramatic effect, wear the ring on the index finger.

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