Thursday, 30 April 2009

Turquoise Jewelry
By: Fran Del Sordo

Turquoise is considered as a blessed stone that have been cherished and praised by mainly the native Mexican Indians & Americans. Many jewelers have published numerous books on crafts and culture implied through the turquoise stones and jewelry.

For centuries mans fascinations have has been consistent on turquoise stones. The stone of turquoise is a natural stone which has various shades between the ranges of blue to yellow. It is very significant not only for its ornamental but healing property also. The stone is found in country like Iran, China, Persia, Egypt, and Turkey. The color of stone is generally determined by different minerals present nearby the stones. The more presence of iron gives it a greenish tinge while copper adds blue color to the stone. And when zinc is presents the turquoise stone is found to be more yellow color. There are many kinds of turquoise colored stoned present which are chiefly employed in making unique ornaments.

Sleeping Beauty a very special beauty in stones is the lightest shade of sky blue color and is mined from the Beauty mines in the state of Arizona is incorporated in traditional jewelry and gives esthetic value as a precious stone.

Another Stone named White Buffalo Turquoise is also a marvelous kind of stone which is also used in jewelry are mined in the caves of Nevada. These are also very expensive and they add charismatic effect to the jewelry produced by the latest designers. The jewelry engraved using these stones are very rare and expensive as they are only found at caves of Nevada and if finished from there it will be lost for ever. People with subtle taste can only adore these jewels.

Persian turquoise also used chiefly in jewelry ever since primeval era mainly found in the Iran mines with gorgeous stone. It ranges in variety of color from pale green to sky blue. Many antique paintings are a proof that these were especially employed in all emperor jewelry to give them significant effect required.

Maintenance of the turquoise jewelry

Very special cares is employed to all the clean and preserves all turquoise jewelry since these stones are very porous. It is a popular belief that due to this reason only the stone has preserved it value till date. Whenever cleaning the stone you should take care to gently wipe the stone very gently with a soft cloth. A turquoise jewelry should never be submerged in any liquid to cleanse it because it is very porous and this liquid will cause deterioration in the value of the stone and the designed jewelry. The only gentle method of cleansing turquoise jewelry is to carefully clean the jewelry by making a rounded tip of any clean cloth and dip it in cleansing soap solution. Turquoise jewelry is never cleaned from any chemical or ultrasonic cleaners. So always respect your priced possessions. Whether turquoise jewelry is a traditional and antique heirloom or a recent formation modeled on conventional styles, turquoise jewelry is always considered a priced possession and a treasure for life time.

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