Thursday, 30 April 2009

The Bold Style!
Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs

Guest Author - Fran Del Sordo

Jewelry designers and innovators of design trends are those who by nature are drawn to color, symmetry, form, function, and the creative arts. They have an uncanny understanding of the important role jewelry plays in ever evolving and oft times revisited fashion trends. Moreover, they recognize jewelry’s incredible power for self-expression and personal adornment, today and throughout the ages. From their lush imagination spring intuitive ideas for designs women love to wear, designs that reflect women’s attitudes about themselves at that particular moment in history. It follows the most fashionable jewelry today is bold, dramatic, and more confident than ever before.

Today, jewelry designers seem to be everywhere—celebrity designers, children of celebrity designers, heiress designers, former corporate ladder climber designers—even the busy person next door is designing and making her own line of jewelry. But even in this well-saturated market there’s always room for new talent who can develop their own trademark or signature style, it’s the key to longevity in the jewelry business.

We immediately recognize the distinctive signature style of designers and jewelry companies whose wearable art reveals their appreciation of beauty, nature, women—and, of course, their savvy sense of what kind of jewelry fashionable women want to wear. The subtle curve of an earring, intriguing drape of a necklace, knockout sparkle on a knuckle-duster of a ring all tell a story, and it’s a global one that strikes a chord in jewelry lovers everywhere. What makes these designs so extraordinary—is it the impeccable attention to detail, premium quality and color of the materials used, penchant for glitz and glamour, or for what makes women look and feel beautiful? It’s these things and much more. Jewelry with trademark style has an almost indefinable quality you can’t quite put your finger on, you just know you love it.

Those who have managed to get a foothold and stay on top of the fiercely competitive global jewelry market are inevitably those who make jewelry with bold trademark style and offer fresh exciting designs year after year. Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs, manufacture the bold, dramatic, and glamorous jewelry that is so popular today.

Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs has been at the forefront of fashion and couture jewelry design for a number of years in addition to their line of International Trend jewelry. Masterful use of color and imaginative and diverse designs distinguish the collections which can be seen at Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs.

The Jacques Rennes Lacoste Collection is now brought to you by Glamour and Company.

Surround yourself in rich, decadent elegant costume earrings.
Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs jewelry is a grand way to add sophistication and stunning fashion to any outfit.

Visionary styles and unique color combinations distinguish every Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs. Using lush faux gems, metals and fine craftsmanship, each piece revolves around a centerpiece of great color. It is the goal of the design group to bring the world's influences in history, to the art and to everyone who wears it.

The Jacques Rennes Lacoste Designs Collection
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